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Traders all over the world use online transactions to benefit from the world's largest and most liquid market, which trades up to $6 trillion per day. Today's technological innovations allow foreign exchange, commodity, energy, and index traders to complete transactions more easily with only a smart device and a network connection. Browse our series of trading tools to learn about our high-quality products with industry-leading spreads, and realize the diversification of our trading portfolio.

About Forex

The foreign exchange market is a place where traders from all over the world buy, sell and exchange currencies at current market prices. As we all know, the foreign exchange market is by far the largest market in the world, which also means that it is also the most liquid market. With a daily trading volume of more than 5.3 trillion US dollars, traders all over the world are enjoying this world's most popular trading tool.

Trading Foreign Currency


Bid 1.6 Ask
1.18558 1.18542


Bid 2.7 Ask
1.38250 1.38223


Bid 2 Ask
111.127 111.107


Bid 2.4 Ask
0.92246 0.92222


Bid 74.2 Ask
14.27529 14.26787


Bid 2.6 Ask
0.70170 0.70144

About Metals

Precious metals not only provide an effective means of diversifying trading portfolios, but also have unique anti-inflation properties. Precious metals have their inherent value, there is no credit risk, and there is no inflation (the printing volume cannot be artificially increased). Trading precious metals can hedge asset risks or can also be used as a means to diversify trading portfolios. Use the Ramon platform to discover a variety of precious metal trading opportunities. The precious metals currently traded on the commodity market include gold, platinum, palladium, and silver.

Trading Precious Metals
Trading Volume 100oz
Leverage 1:100
Minimum trading 0.01
Pip Value Per Lot 0.01=USD1
Trading Volume 5000oz
Leverage 1:100
Minimum trading 0.01
Pip Value Per Lot 0.01=USD5

About Energies

Ramon provides a series of energy tools to customers around the world, enabling our traders to trade crude oil, natural gas, fuel oil, ethanol and pure terephthalic acid. Energy trading involves the buying and selling of bulk energy and transporting it from the place of production to the place of consumption

Trading Energy



About Indices

An index is a statistical indicator that measures changes in a stock portfolio and represents a part of the overall market. Index trading is suitable for investors who pay attention to changes in certain industries or stock groups

Trading index












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